We alone are responsible for our own happiness!


BLAMING OTHERS is not the answer

It is so easy in life to forget that we are responsible for our own success, happiness, and inner-peace. It is often easier to blame others than to own up to our personal failures.
 Many people I speak with have difficulty in this area. It is always someone else’s fault that they didn’t get the promotion. It is because of a difficult childhood (past or present)that they are unhappy or not accomplishing what God put them on Earth to accomplish. Or…the most powerful to overcome is a lack of inner-peace. Often, this lack consumes all energies and thought. “Why can’t I be happy?”
The answer is rather straight forward and so simple that it might elude us at first.We give happiness to ourselves by accepting equal amounts of credit for a job well done and at the same time, owning up to human errors in judgement and personal failure. It is not necessary to be perfect, but what is necessary is to step up to the plate and accept responsibility for our actions and place in life.
 If we are not happy where we are in life, who we have become, and what we are doing…we need to change…not the world around us. Be pro-active in these areas and success, happiness, and inner-peace will follow.

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