This Must Be Heaven

A few years ago, I had a lifelong dream come true.  For myself, the ocean has always been at the core of my heart and soul.  As a child, I yearned to be “clean” from the abuse going on within my home. Years later, as an adult, I learned that at God’s Ocean I always felt washed and renewed from the inside… out… each and every time I visited this magical place. It became my church, so to speak.

I smile a great deal; everyone tells me that.  So, when folks from all walks of life, (including one of my own children), started telling me that my ever present smile reminded them of a Dolphin… I took it as the greatest of compliments.  “Perma Grin” is not such a bad place to be in your heart.  When I got in the water with these magnificent creatures, recently…I am quite sure they were welcoming me home.  Afterall, we were kindred spirits.

I visit my own Georgia Atlantic Coast, Tybee Island, as often as possible. Yes, it  would be daily, but life gets in the way with obligations and “must do-s.”  Often, I am able to actually swim with the untamed dolphins only an arm’s length away. They really do seem to be welcoming me.  It becomes more and more apparent that one day I will indeed become one with the ocean.  Happily, I am working towards a time when that dream becomes a reality.  Here’s grinning at you, Kids!

Happy Independence Day and all the Blessings that brings.