Giving Instead of Getting

Imagine it’s your birthday, anniversary, you just had a baby, or got a promotion at work!  It’s a day to celebrate, right?  We are feeling great just because it’s a special day for us.  What better way to help celebrate OUR special day…. than to give someone a gift.  It’s already a wonderful day for you and by extending the kindness, it becomes a wonderful day for others. It’s pretty much a win: win situation.

Right now, there are so many worthwhile causes and charities that urgently need our assistance.  This assistance need not always be financial, although money always helps, but help can be given in the form of time, prayer, or physical donation.  it appears that in this time of financial necessity, the barter system works well.  Imagine if on your Anniversary,  you and your significant other babysit a neighbor’s children while they go out and enjoy a dinner… alone.  Neither will they forget your thoughtful gesture  nor will you.  The celebration of a “special day”  is in the “shared” experience with your partner.   Or if it’s your Birthday, buy your children or friends small gifts, so they too can enjoy in the celebration.  What better gift for a parent than to share the gift of generosity with their children.  Hopefully, it will be one they pass along to their own families one day.

We all have talents… all of us.  If you are gifted in one area, i.e, home maintenance, fixing cars, etc.  perhaps, it can be exchanged for financial advice or clerical assistance etc. from an acquaintance whose talents are in other areas than yours.  It’s important to remember that our forefathers for centuries built our country on trading personal talent.  Imagine a neighborhood or school Yard Sale where each family donates say 10 items that they no longer have use for and in return, now can pick out 10 new items that appeal to them and their needs.  No monies exchange, but everyone gets something “new.”  It can also be categorized i.e. clothing, tools, decorating etc.  etc.  The possibilities are endless. By giving, we are getting.

I love the concept of Pay It Forward.  It’s as easy as can be.  You do something nice for someone else and in return for your kindness (or generosity) they must do something for another person. After a time, life seems dull without doing it.It can be as small or as grand as we desire.  Ever bought the family in line… after your car… sodas?  Ever tossed money in an expired parking meter for someone else, so they don’t get a Parking Ticket?  Ever taken back several shopping carts when no one was watching? Ever left a card on someone’s door or desk to make them start the day happy?   The possibilities are endless.

If each one of us gives, and forgets the get part of life… the world around us will abound in riches.

Owning Our Faults/Failures

Admitting we are “wrong” in any situation… is difficult.  Admitting we have done something “wrong” to another human being… is even more difficult. Sometimes, I refer to it as stepping up to the plate.  Similar to an athlete that might not see the ball coming directly at them…stepping up to the plate…to me, means that you are at least in the game (and in this case it’s the game of LIFE and you are willing to own up to the fast ball coming your way)… even if you strike out or are hit hard by that ball.
It takes courage to admit a fault or a wrong that you have done to someone else. It takes even more courage to admit it and then never do it again.   I’m pretty sure that someone who suffers dependency in any area deals with this issue every day.  Is today the last day I drink or do drugs? Is today the last day I cheat, steal, or lie?  Is today the last day I “abuse” someone else?…but you get the idea. I know you do.  If it’s not ourselves who is the offender, than it’s someone we know and possibly even love.
Truly, someone who comes forth in any venue and admits their faults has my total respect. But someone who comes forth, admits his/her limitations, and then does everything humanly possible to correct that injury or dysfunction is an example of highest regard for all of us.   In actuality, not only have they stepped up to the plate, but they have won the inning. There will be many, many innings for all of us. 

The Empowerment of Positive Choice in Our Lives!

In life, we can not control what is done to us, but we always have a choice in how we react to those tests and challenges. Choice is what separates humans from other mammals. That is self- empowering. Even if we fail with one test or challenge…a new one will come along in which we get to choose all over again.  Perhaps, it is so we finally get it right.


Life, as given, isn’t always easy; it’s not supposed to be. However, when it comes to our own human faults, it is very forgiving in that we get to “correct” our human weaknesses and errors should we so choose. Often, we do not especially like the choices as they are presented to us and sometimes they are even unfair…but they are choices nonetheless. It is empowering to know we have that ability to choose a new path…at any time. With each and every positive choice we make for ourselves… and towards others… we give ourselves honor. We also get to further define who we are as Human Beings.


Think of this in even greater terms. All of us lost something this past year. Unfortunately, so many lost employment, homes, and suffered financially in some way. In spite of outward appearances, no one has it all. Looks are very deceiving.  This year has been a time of recovery and new opportunities. Have we taken full stock of what we already have; or have we just taken Life’s given gifts for granted? Some of us lost our way in relationships either at work or at home. It will be a period of reconciliation and hopefully, forgiveness. And a few of us might even have slipped into areas of human weaknesses: drugs, alcohol, and unfaithfulness and perhaps hurt those we love. Are we stronger and recovered now? Have we atoned for our bad decisions and actions?


This year continues to be a journey of great personal strength and courage moving forward in a healthy and positive way. We’re passed the halfway point of the year. Have we changed anything for the better? Have we become better people? Have we learned to correct our mistakes? Each and every day we each have the God given ability to start over and make new choices. Real situations in a continued quest to improve our own Human Footprints in our time on Earth. Choose well.