Giving Instead of Getting

Imagine it’s your birthday, anniversary, you just had a baby, or got a promotion at work!  It’s a day to celebrate, right?  We are feeling great just because it’s a special day for us.  What better way to help celebrate OUR special day…. than to give someone a gift.  It’s already a wonderful day for you and by extending the kindness, it becomes a wonderful day for others. It’s pretty much a win: win situation.

Right now, there are so many worthwhile causes and charities that urgently need our assistance.  This assistance need not always be financial, although money always helps, but help can be given in the form of time, prayer, or physical donation.  it appears that in this time of financial necessity, the barter system works well.  Imagine if on your Anniversary,  you and your significant other babysit a neighbor’s children while they go out and enjoy a dinner… alone.  Neither will they forget your thoughtful gesture  nor will you.  The celebration of a “special day”  is in the “shared” experience with your partner.   Or if it’s your Birthday, buy your children or friends small gifts, so they too can enjoy in the celebration.  What better gift for a parent than to share the gift of generosity with their children.  Hopefully, it will be one they pass along to their own families one day.

We all have talents… all of us.  If you are gifted in one area, i.e, home maintenance, fixing cars, etc.  perhaps, it can be exchanged for financial advice or clerical assistance etc. from an acquaintance whose talents are in other areas than yours.  It’s important to remember that our forefathers for centuries built our country on trading personal talent.  Imagine a neighborhood or school Yard Sale where each family donates say 10 items that they no longer have use for and in return, now can pick out 10 new items that appeal to them and their needs.  No monies exchange, but everyone gets something “new.”  It can also be categorized i.e. clothing, tools, decorating etc.  etc.  The possibilities are endless. By giving, we are getting.

I love the concept of Pay It Forward.  It’s as easy as can be.  You do something nice for someone else and in return for your kindness (or generosity) they must do something for another person. After a time, life seems dull without doing it.It can be as small or as grand as we desire.  Ever bought the family in line… after your car… sodas?  Ever tossed money in an expired parking meter for someone else, so they don’t get a Parking Ticket?  Ever taken back several shopping carts when no one was watching? Ever left a card on someone’s door or desk to make them start the day happy?   The possibilities are endless.

If each one of us gives, and forgets the get part of life… the world around us will abound in riches.

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