Inherit: Self Worth

In both directions of inheritance good traits/habits vs. bad traits/habits, it is easy to believe we are going to be just like our parents! Afterall, both sets of genes have entered our bodies, so it seems logical.  That’s where Humans are superior to other mammals. That’s pretty cool.

Although we might physically resemble one parent or another, our lives are ours alone and we have the ability to make of them what we choose. If we don’t like a trait that was genetically “given” to us, and the list is very lengthy, we have the abilities not to become that ourselves.  NO, IT IS NOT ALWAYS EASY, BUT IT’S POSSIBLE. We alone are the “nurturer” of our existence.

If our parents abuse controlled substances in any fashion, we do not have to follow suit. If they always over-eat and never exercise, we can set the new norm for the family by eating healthy and exercising daily.  If we were constantly put down and verbally abused as children…it is important that it stop with us. We do not do it with our own children!  How liberating and healing it is to realize our life is more of our own choices and very little of genetics.

However, all people have good characteristics… even the ones who struggle with their own positive choices.  Find those good characteristics within yourself, that you inherited from those “genes” and nurture them.

The negative gene characteristics… we all need to let them go.

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