Giving of Ourselves… is the greatest gift of all!

       I LIKE TO GIVE.  Giving of myself in any fashion makes me feel good and the recipient(s) benefit too.  It is a win:win situation for all. I’m not a saint, I do know that, but rather I see it more like a healing technique that I’ve learned over the years to help myself heal from my own hurtful past. Then, it just became a really good habit that I’ve continued for many years.  We don’t often look at it that way. You know…”giving” as medicine, but it really is.
      I know many give in church or to a special organization in financial ways. That is truely wonderful. BUT, what I’m proposing is that we can also give in small ways each and every day and they are not always financial gifts.  Sometimes, what I give is “time.” Sometimes, it’s my “help.” Sometimes it actually is financial help…but  to a total stranger. In today’s society, everyone welcomes that kind of gift and it is usually much needed. And, as anyone who knows me will tell you…I always give my advice.  (I let out a loud roar as I wrote that because it is so true!)
      But my favorite gifts are gifts that noone knows about… but the “giver.” Sometimes, it’s as simple as pulling someone’s garbage can back up their driveway or picking up the mis-thrown newspaper and putting it by a neighbor’s door. Perhaps, grabbing a garbage bag and collecting trash in a much used area of your neighborhood. Other times, it’s taking not only your own shopping cart back to the store, but a few others too.   These are random acts of kindness. It’s a great practice for the holidays and can easily be carried into a new year. The possibilities are endless.
      We do them not for the “thanks” that normally follows each of us doing something nice; we do them because they make the world a better place for others. However, what is guaranteed is that IF you choose to be a giver, it will be you who is receiving the greatest gift.  You have my word.