A Chance to Start Over; the choice is ours!

Each new day,  we all have the chance to start over.

That’s a powerful thought!  Most days, we let that opportunity slip by. Imagine the freedom of actually wiping the slate clean of all the negatives and instead focusing only on the positives in our lives. It’s a powerful and liberating realization and a gift from our Creator.

This opportunity is offered to all men …everywhere. It makes us connected in a very basic way. Sometimes, this gift is forgotten or dismissed. Yet, it might be the most meaningful thing we receive. It is often difficult to unwrap a new beginning and start fresh because it brings memories and situations that might be painful and scary.

Maybe a loved one has died or has been diagnosed with an illness. We might even be the one who is ill and we feel frightened and alone. Perhaps, we have lost a job or our home and we are uncertain of our family’s security. Sometimes, there is Military Deployment in the family or one is coming up and we worry constantly. Or occasionally, our burden is a wrong that was done to us over the last year or perhaps, it’s something we did to another person and we are now shouldering the guilt of our actions. Real situations; real life!

Here’s the amazing part. It is virtually impossible not to find something good in even the most challenging of situations. It’s difficult to see sometimes, but it’s always there. My own personal belief is that we can not control what is done to us, our individual tests and challenges by others, Nature, and our God, but we always have a choice in how we react to those tests and challenges.

It appears as basic as acceptance of the things we can not change and a quiet determination to rise above our adversities as a stronger and wiser person. It is also our opportunity to act both honorably and responsibly not only for ourselves but for others while we find our way. Very simply, it’s Integrity… or doing the right thing regardless of the outcome. Sometimes it is difficult, but we can accomplish it.

Choice is what separates humans from other mammals; that’s empowering. Even if we personally fail in one test or challenge…a new one will come along in which we get to choose all over again. Maybe, it’s so we finally get it correct. Life, as given, isn’t easy. Often, we do not like the apparent choices as they are presented to us and sometimes, they seem unfair, but they are choices nonetheless.

With each and every positive choice we make for ourselves and towards others we further define who we are as Human Beings and make the world a better place. Every day we are given this opportunity to perfect ourselves. It is an absolutely liberating thought and practice. We are not defined by what has been done to us in the past, but instead we are what we have chosen to do for ourselves… both now and in the future.

What is amazing about our time here on Earth is that with each positive action we choose, we have the opportunity to leave our own Human Footprint in time.

Let this be the time that our lives aren’t so much about what we have…or what we’ve lost, but rather what we’ve given and therefore found.


Doing Unto Others…

         It is often difficult to think about talking or writing to others in a purely “self-less” context.

      We often have our own agenda when we interact with someone on the phone, by writing, or even in person. Questions of our own interest and intent often get in the way of a more honest and realistic interaction and conversation.  It is easy to forget that when we deal with someone, one-on-one, we might be doing so not only for ourselves, but for someone else as well. Often we are not only a necessary link in communication with that person, but the only link. If this is the case, we need to be a strong connection, not a weak one.
Also, make a point of “telling” someone something…only if they will feel better from the new information being offered to them. Do not tell someone a bit of information to make yourself feel better!  That’s the opposite of “self-less.” You might feel “unburdened” but it is only because you have now loaded them down with the negativity and hurt. Today, ask someone something personal about themselves; this will make them feel as if they are more than a colleague, neighbor, or even a taken for granted relative.  It will make them realize that they matter… to you… in more than their “designated” role.

     It’s just a wonderful practice to really follow the Biblical wisdom of: Treat/speak to people as you would want others to speak/treat you. If we don’t like something done/said in our own lives; it’s our choice to make the effort to change …or not.
We are never defined by negative actions directed toward us; we are what we choose for ourselves.  I really like that choice.