Olympic Failures Are Great Life Lessons!


I watched the Olympics a few weeks ago and saw a theme repeat itself several times over; it was hard to ignore. The predicted “favorite” fell short of expectations in several events and an athlete that was unexpected to “place” in the medals (Bronze Silver, or Gold) went on to score victory. I felt sad for the athletes who had trained so hard and so long who because of their own human error, Fate, or Divine Intervention went on to defeat. THEN, I got it!

It’s like that for all of us. We are only defeated if we believe ourselves to be defeated. It’s more about the place in our heads, hearts, and bodies from where we started our individual “race” and where we ultimately finish the “race” that really matters.

Did we come the distance and give it our full efforts in the process? Some of them did it with great dignity, and I fully admired that and others ended with despair…and I felt “sorry” for them.

Our individual sporting event is LIFE! And similar to the athletes in the Olympic Games we often are disappointed, dicouraged, and defeated. However, the outcome of each race and LIFE can be handled with dignity…or despair.

We can be either admired or pitied. It’s pretty clear which is the better choice.  I love that as Humans we always get to choose.