Outer Appearances of Someone… “Having it all,” are Deceptive!

Does Anyone Have it All? Not So Much!

     My personal belief is that, at the end of our time here on earth…things have been balanced in everyone’s lives. Equal proportions of both challenges and gifts are given to each of us. Everyone; everywhere!  However, they come in different packages and at various times of our individual existences.  Again, this is not a religious belief, but rather a personal feeling. No one has it all, (ever), despite outward appearances to the contrary.

     For example, whereas someone’s early years might be riddled with challenges, such as an abused child’s… that same individual’s life might be blessed in other areas, in the years that follow. Perhaps, as adults, they will be given the opportunity to have relationships that are beyond comparison. And… it is not necessary for the “relationships” to be within the immediate family or even with a significant other for that matter.  Often, we believe that is where our greatest acceptance and love both should be and are received. There are so many instances where this is not the case.  Being a good person, friend, or neighbor often earns a greater degree of love than one can imagine.

     Maybe, because of other God given talents, one will live a long life with a productive career, which others can only envy. Again, an individual might be challenged mentally or even physically, but in return possess a richness of spirit of which others can only dream. There are many possibilities here, but you get the picture. No one has it all.  Think further of friends and family members that you know well and yet, are suffering some personal trial, illness, or hardship despite outward appearances. Not enough emphasis can ever be placed on the concept that things are not always what they seem. This applies to everyone.

     Our view of others, from the outside, rarely comes with the knowledge of their individual challenges within.  Does anyone really have it all? It seems unlikely.  Other good examples of this concept might be media celebrities or athletes, who despite fame and fortune have their own tests and personal pains. It matters little whether the burden is from their childhood, a current drug addiction, or a seemingly incurable disease. As of late, more and more of the “famous” have come forward to share with the public the adversity in their own lives. Their honesty about their own personal tests and challenges makes us feel less alone; we can identify. Once again, the blessings…and the burdens of life… are equalizing.  You may have a lot of fame and fortune, but the tests and challenges are still there.

     In all candidness, where someone might have viewed me during childhood and adolescence as… having it all, judging from outward appearances…my writings have indicated otherwise. However, to balance my lack of a healthy and normal childhood, some truly wonderful skills and attributes have been given to me. There are several that are of exceptional personal value. I try not to dwell on these gifts, aware that in the greater scheme of things…they can be taken away from me at any time.  Over the years, the personal tests and mental/physical challenges continue.  It is how it is supposed to be, I think.  But now I try to look at all the given gifts and positives in greater proportion to the negatives. 

      Perhaps, this almost temporary state of given gifts… is meant to humble. Life, just as it is given is a total package. Live it well.