Thanksgiving is also a time for realizations!

     What is absolutely liberating to think about, is the reality that all Men, everywhere… are created equal.  We really are.  It’s almost so simple, that at first glance, it might be overlooked.  In contemplation, we see the sameness.  We all have the same basic needs for: food, clothing, and shelter; the same basic desires for: love, understanding, and compassion; and the same non-ending tests and challenges to not only be better people for ourselves, but for the world around us.  Every Man, every nation, everywhere.  As we continue through the last little bit of the year 2015, let us focus not on what we don’t have, but rather focus on what we already have been given.
      Life is good, although not always easy. It appears that we are frequently put in positions of personal challenge and hopefully we grow from those experiences.   I know from  experience, it is often difficult to weather these tests, but it can be done.  Do something with those tests/challenges that make the world a better place for those following in our footsteps.  No change is too small.  No action is too little.
     Life is our gift and the most wonderful thing is the realization that all men, everywhere, start out the same.   And… By the Grace of God, hopefully, we meet up in Eternity… as ONE!  Have a meaningful and Blessed Thanksgiving holiday.


The Friend/Family Member Who is Blunt… ROCKS!

There is a piece of bluntness in every one of us. The truth is that many of us do know what is right and wrong, but many prefer to mask how they feel or who they are because of societal perceptions, sentiments, or because they are simply afraid. What distinguishes this in regards to blunt people, though, is that blunt people are expressive and are not pretentious about who they are.

They are not consumed or subjugated by what others think of them, rather about a clear perception about what should be right and wrong. Having such a person as a friend or family member means purity, honesty, and clarity. You are not afraid to look over your shoulder because you know that they would tell you what is behind before you ask about it.

 They don’t flatter you; they just tell you the way it is
They are the best people to give you an honest opinion about anything you ask them. They really wouldn’t sugarcoat a fact just to appease you, because they’re blunt. And they really are not worried about the consequences of telling you the truth.

The most important thing to them or to their identity is being blunt and telling you a direct and honest truth.

 They are not afraid
They are bold. They are courageous and fearless. And these noble qualities are qualities you should not only admire in others but would want to have around you. If such a person is in your life, it will certainly instill some confidence and inner strength in you to face your fears.

 They do not want to hurt a relationship with you
There is nothing devious about them, although many may consider being blunt as being rude. This is not the case though, as blunt people are not mischievous or purposely critical. They are actually looking out for your own interest. And if they find that they have crossed the line in a relationship, they are willing to take responsibility, step up and accept their errors.

 They are blunt enough to tell you they are sorry
Not every friend is quick to offer apologies or acknowledge their mistakes. Blunt people know that they are susceptible to being considered wrong others because of their bluntness. And they are willing to apologize if at any time they know that they have hurt your feelings.
 They know what right and wrong means
Blunt people have high moral standards. They know what should be done and what should not be done. They are not pretentious about it, but instead they simply want to do what is right and hold no guilt over it.

They wouldn’t allow such sentiments of being acceptable to everyone cloud their judgments or the decisions they make.

 They are fun to be with
Blunt people like to make you laugh and they’re interesting and exciting. Somehow, being blunt gives them a sense of humor and a reason to make others laugh about their errors and mistakes. They can define their world and yours with all bluntness, and let you see that the way things are should not be taken too seriously after all.

They can forgive
Just as much as they can apologize for their misdeeds, they can also forgive too. Blunt individuals don’t hold grudges for too long and are pretty honest about how they feel and if they do not feel right about how a relationship is going, they will let you know.

However they do not have so many reasons to hold resentments or grudges.

They respect your views
Because they are blunt doesn’t mean they would impose their views or way of life on you. They do know the grey areas and after they have given you a piece of their mind they will likely step back for you to make your own decisions.

They are only there to tell you the way it is – straight and simple. And at least you’ll know where they stand and where you stand with them. Not always easy, but nothing worth anything ever is, right?