Thanksgiving is also a time for realizations!

     What is absolutely liberating to think about, is the reality that all Men, everywhere… are created equal.  We really are.  It’s almost so simple, that at first glance, it might be overlooked.  In contemplation, we see the sameness.  We all have the same basic needs for: food, clothing, and shelter; the same basic desires for: love, understanding, and compassion; and the same non-ending tests and challenges to not only be better people for ourselves, but for the world around us.  Every Man, every nation, everywhere.  As we continue through the last little bit of the year 2015, let us focus not on what we don’t have, but rather focus on what we already have been given.
      Life is good, although not always easy. It appears that we are frequently put in positions of personal challenge and hopefully we grow from those experiences.   I know from  experience, it is often difficult to weather these tests, but it can be done.  Do something with those tests/challenges that make the world a better place for those following in our footsteps.  No change is too small.  No action is too little.
     Life is our gift and the most wonderful thing is the realization that all men, everywhere, start out the same.   And… By the Grace of God, hopefully, we meet up in Eternity… as ONE!  Have a meaningful and Blessed Thanksgiving holiday.


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