BARE THOUGHTS  Improving Our Lives and the World Around Us … is a must read!

The thoughtful and compelling writings are about common traits given to all men. The writing is clear and passionate. It matters little whether the book is read “a slice at a time” or “devoured in its entirety.” It is nourishment for the soul and gives us much to think about in regards to our own: Honesty, Integrity, Life’s Tests/ Challenges, and the God-Given abilities of: Choice, Change, and making the world better for others.

The thoughts within these pages are also BEAR IDEAS and HOPES for improvement not only for us, but the world we live in. We can actively make ourselves better people and have our personal changes positively impact others. The ideas offered in this book are extremely doable and relevant.

Sue Brown’s Blog: Spirit Unbroken is read around the world. It has received numerous writing awards and continues to be a Critics’ and Readers’ favorite.

In addition, her books, MEN CAN BE MEAN; fiction and SPIRIT UNBROKEN; non-fiction are top sellers.



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