And the Child Abuse Continues… help me end it!

for you ms brown…thanks for coming to our school…

Lost Innocence by Anonymous

This young girl kept from sight
crying into the middle of the night
she fears that others will sense the shame
but was this girl really to blame?
this little girl who was full of belief
could not from him seem to find relief
she feels so dirty with her clothes which are torn
when she is being flung on the bedroom floor
this broken child lost her innocence at a very young age
through a trusted man’s deliberate drunken rage
her little broken heart was full of pain
through the rest of her life it would stain
people would see the bruises that lay upon her face
she wanted and longed for her special place
while he was looking around
this little girl couldn’t make a sound
she couldn’t have her own bed
he would be there touching her instead
taking her clothes off he would touch
this haunted her little heart so much
she just wanted him to understand
but instead she got the back of his hand
night after night she endured this pain
never to be happy ever again
this little angel from above
could not find the slightest inch of love
this mountain of unnoticed fear
went on year after year
while she was crying silent tears
he was tucking into some beers
why would no one come to her aid
day after day her happiness would fade
this went on for so, so long
and no one thought that this was wrong
this little girl that no one could save
she longed for her peaceful grave

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