The Tree of Life for a Writer

A central meaning associated with the Tree of Life is how life itself began. It further symbolizes the origins of all creation and origination and how everything is interconnected and dependent on each other.  I like that as an explanation of our own lives.

The Tree of Life symbol shows us how LIFE is created, becomes real, and then nourishes other forms of life. So, how does a writer come to manifest him or herself as a writer? Where/what  is your Tree of Life?   How do we create our writing and then bring it to life, nourishing ourselves and other living beings?  I have chosen to do it most often in my Blog entries; in this way I hope to reach the largest audience.

We design our own Tree of Life as a way to bring our dreams/ideas to fruition. We don’t go in “search of” someone else’s Tree of Life… we create a personalized design that brings us both satisfaction and fulfillment. Hopefully, we are not only bringing enjoyment to others, but things to ponder, as well.

Start with investigating the design and symbolism of The Tree of Life for yourself. You may discover along the way a more suitable design for you: the Medicine Wheel, the Trinity, or the Labyrinth, etc. You get the idea.  Choose a symbolic and/or mythical design and think on how it can be used to generate creativity and nourishment for your own ideas and creations. These ancient and widely used symbols offer up hidden and personal methods to not only explore our lives, but how we might live fully and with purpose.

In my novel, MEN CAN BE MEAN..( the title is a pun on MEN CAN BE ME(a)N, ah yes… I used “fairytales” and “parallels” as symbolic guides to write my story. Also, in my daily writings, I rely on the Tree of Life and Religious Cross to bring fruition to my writing ideas. I want to reach with by thoughts (branches/arms) as many as I can.

The world is a garden of symbolic gestures and invitations to help us become who we already are destined to be.  Writers, Artists, Business Leaders, Educators, Laborers etc.

Find your inspiration and soar!

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