OK, so at this present time I am wondering if I am able to be “positive?”  After all , I do write a Positive Life Blog.  I live in an area of Georgia (USA) which is being blasted for the second time with a Major Hurricane (IRMA) in less than a year!  What?  What is so ironic is that this area along the coast had not been hit with a major storm in close to a century and then came Hurricane Matthew, last October 2016.  Now, eleven months later, again. My island of Tybee was hit hard and I was not prepared mentally for what met my sight when we returned, last year.

The island was “wasted” on some parts of it and other parts were untouched… or touched with a much gentler hand.  For some reason, insurance companies no longer assist to the full extent of coverage with a named storm.  That was something not well known. It still isn’t.  Even if you had “minimal” damage as we did, to be expected to have thousands, and I do mean thousands, of extra dollars set aside for repairs, replacement, and repainting… was unrealistic.  There were actually folks who were wishing their entire home had been washed away/destroyed because then that would have been covered!  That’s disheartening for the human spirit.

During Matthew evacuation, we travelled clear across the state to Alabama. It was a bumper to bumper 13 hour drive.  With Irma, we have  travelled north to Atlanta, bumper to bumper for hours.  In both cases my positive spirit was happy to visit places that I had never been to. The phrase “the calm before the storm,’ played over and over in my mind. With each evacuation, I can’t lie, I am really afraid.  Not so much about safety, but rather for the loss of home and property.  But then it dawns on me, it is just that… physical things and … stuff!  Both times, the two days right before the storm were sunny and bright. Everyone was doing “touristy” things.  I saw attractions of arboretums, waterfalls, parks, and shops that other wise I would not have seen.  I was enchanted and thrilled with each thing.  How could this be?

The Human Spirit is one of remarkable resilience.  Here in Atlanta, I am blessed to be staying at the new home of my daughter.  Who, until two months ago, resided in Florida in one of the worst hit areas by Irma.  It indeed is a small miracle that she now is in the very place where I am seeking refuge.  To get to spend this time with her where it almost appears that I am the “child” seeking comfort and solace, (rather than the other way around), teaches me that the circle of life is indeed real.  She is the “mother” that I never had.  Ironic, but true.

I am nervous, yet anxious, to go back home to Tybee Island once we are given the go ahead.  Yet, this time away in evacuation has been of great value and life lessons in love. I have laughed hard, cried secretly, and commiserated openly.  But… there is nothing better than people taking care of others.  What is witnessed on television, first hand, and via the Internet is heartening.  Human beings are: warm, caring, unselfish, and extraordinarily resilient.  I have life, love, and memories.  

My spirit is unbroken, as always.



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