My novel, MEN CAN BE MEAN, continues to do exceptionally well. I am often asked if this is my “own story.” I can only answer… that every novel has an amount of the author himself within the story. It’s up to the reader to figure out which part(s).  It has appealed to males and females equally. The title is actually a pun on Men! Cross out the “a” in mean.  Men are well… men.  Love you guys.

Men Can Be Mean by Sue Brown

Featured in USA TODAY as “… contemporary author must read!”  Critics Choice

Written up in Weekend Edition of Savannah Morning News, Chicago Tribune, USA Today

Amazon Award Winning Novel/ 2015 Best Seller

Feature Choice International Book Sellers


A novel as rich in life lessons… as a slice of seven layer cake! It is equally as satisfying and does not disappoint the reader on any level. Expertly crafted and interwoven story lines of Love, Lies, Hope, and Fate allow personal identification on numerous levels. “I never see the next step of my life until I trip over it!” I love this book.

For anyone who has lost in love, and that’s about everyone, we finally get how it all works. With today’s technology, one doesn’t have to meet someone in a church or by introduction, although there will always be that option; there is now the power of the Internet. One single woman’s journey is seamlessly woven in with the modern realities of raising a family solo, pursuing a career, and from time to time hoping to share life with someone. “Those damn hormones.”

With the heart tug of a good Nicholas Sparks’ tale and the plot weaving of a Jodi Picoult book, Men Can Be Mean is a great read.

Each flower opens in its own way and in its own time, but eventually all of them open. Love is like that too; it will find us. Not always in our time, but rather in the right time.

From—- Men Can Be Mean

Is it Luck or Fate that guides us in looking for love or just perhaps, it’s a bit of both.

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