Eliminating Negativity in Our Lives

The whole reason for any experience in life, even negative ones, is to call forth a remembrance of who we really are… as an object of our infinite potential.   We are each created as… All That Is and All That Is Not.  

When we stop trying to control, move past, go beyond, cast out, go above, or run from the possibilities of “negative” experiences in our live(s) then there is no reason for them to control us anymore.  There is learning to be done from each dose of negativity in our lives; there is no age limitation either. 

In other words, the instant we realize and accept that everything in our life is equal, (both negative and positive experiences),  then we recognize that we cannot go beyond or move past negative situations. They are just part of our life!  (I have to work really hard at this.)   The negative situations are equal to us, since we are infinitely everything.  That’s huge to even consider.

Hence, we are accepting to just let go (or “Let Go; Let God,) and allow the idea that the possibility of a “negative” situation has the potential to happen at anytime! You can become perfectly content with that idea, since you soon realize that every negative situation is created, (even sometimes by ourselves), and allows us to grow!  It happens over and over.  Some of our biggest momentary negatives, we later look back on as “gifts” in our life.  We don’t see it initially, but down the road we suddenly get it!

Magicians often use mirrors to perform their illusions because mirrors reflect a clear image of life making the illusion seem very real; you are unaware of the mirror that the magician is using. When you are the “magician” in real life situations… then there is no illusion; you see the mirror and you can therefore use the mirror as a tool.

If reality is a mirror, then you must change yourself in order to see the change in the mirror. If you desire for your hair to change then you must comb or brush the hair on your head… in order to see the change in the mirror! More times than not, people will try to change what they see by changing the mirrored reflection.

A current saying is, “Be the change you want to see in the world. ” It’s possible that this simplistic thought is exactly what that quote means. When you take responsibility for all of your reality, then you give yourself the power to change anything within your reality. Cool, huh?

We can adopt this perspective into reality, by first looking around at everything we see and hear in our reality right now. Next, close your eyes. When you close your eyes in the moment, you are telling your mind to refresh your viewpoint. Now, open your eyes and look around you again, except this time see everything as if we are looking into a mirror. Everything you are now seeing or hearing is a reflection of the mirror within you.

Everything starts from within and is reflected outwardly. If we don’t like what we see… in any aspect of our life… the reality and negative situation is ours to alter.

I’m a believer!

Again… It’s Time for a Change! Our Change.

I had an epiphany, when I thaught about the Inauguration of our country’s 44th President… for the second term. Everything in our given lives is about coming from a place of impossible odds and overcoming those challenges as they are presented. For our second-term President, Barack Obama and his family, it’s not really about them being the first African American family to inhabit the White House, but rather that they “defied the odds” in doing so. I liked that. It is how I described my own journey in overcoming Child Abuse. I defied the odds as well, in that I am whole and healthy in spirit, but there are many of us … and in many areas.

All of us face some test of defying the odds and overcoming personal challenges at some point. Whether it’s overcoming current or past abuse, financial and/or emotional tests, drug and alcohol addiction or any number of other things; if/when we defy the odds…we win! Often, I write about how blessed I feel, that in spite of my background…I am relatively unscathed. When I think about it further, I know that it was also positive action on my part. When we overcome statistical odds in our own lives and come out better on the other side…we are “Obama” in our own right. No one chooses to be on the receiving end of a painful test or challenge. Similarly, no one gets to choose their birth parents, sex, skin color, or even nationality. The mere fact that we arrive on this Earth as humans, at all …is somewhat of a statistical miracle. We arrive from the fertilization of a single sperm finding a single egg. That’s defying the odds right there in our own birth.

In this great country of the United States, we DO get to choose other things that we often take for granted; freedom of speech and freedom of religion are just two. We saw it in action during this past campaign. Again. In addition, we have the freedom to leave our own negative choices and pasts behind us at any time. We have the freedom to pursue an education, and take it to the highest level, similar to our president, and therefore secure good employment. We have the freedom to help others and give generously of ourselves to make America a better place for all. That follows that we can be a country of givers and not takers. This applies to all of us. It appears we are off to a start in that direction… again… or maybe for the first time. I have a feeling that our President will be much more assertive in his leadership role this time in office.

We also have the freedom to stop whining about what we don’t have, can’t do, or don’t like… and make our own changes. The current administration is not going to pay our rent/mortgage, lower gas/food prices, and cure all the other issues facing our country. Let’s do it for ourselves and become a Nation of “Givers” beyond compare. And I’m not referring to handouts and freebies from local organizations and governments. Do not expect to take unless you sincerely believe in Paying Forward when your own personal challenge has ended.

When I think of the slogan “Time for a Change” …again… it means that we all have to change in some personal area; this is not a slogan for the new administration alone. Defy the odds, overcome your own challenges and become better with each day. In America, all things are possible.