Choosing to be Grateful!

     The God-given ability to “choose” is what separates humans… from other mammals. That’s an amazing gift.  Even if we personally fail in one test or challenge…a new one will come along in which we get to choose all over again.  Maybe, it’s so we finally get it correct. I laugh as I write this thought, but it is so true.  Life, as given, isn’t easy.  Often, we do not like the apparent choices as they are presented to us and sometimes, they seem unfair, but they are choices nonetheless.

With each and every positive choice we make for ourselves and towards others, we further define who we are as Human Beings and therefore can make the world a better place. Every day we are given this opportunity to perfect ourselves. It is an absolutely liberating thought and practice. We are not defined by what has been done to us in the past, but instead we are what we have chosen to do for ourselves… both now and in the future.  We can all choose that on any given day. One need not have an expensive or lengthy list… to experience life’s amazing gifts.

Maybe we can just slow down and recognize LIFE for the precious gift that it is… all on its own. A good place to start would be if we each recognize the small things of our day… that touch our soul. We so often overlook these because we are too busy or we yearn for something greater and grander.  Actually, just embracing each day to the fullest is pretty amazing all on its own!   The sun as it is setting in the west on a glorious evening, the extra hour of sleep curled up next to the one we love on our day off, a walk in nature, or helping a total stranger- are wonders that can be enjoyed by all.

Simple things are in our lives for the taking, but we need to make an effort of recognizing them first.  Each day for the next month write down at least one thing that you did that day, which you normally would have taken for granted. At the end of the month, you have a wonderful Living List.   Now, this is a great list!  Bucket List… move over.

Eliminating Negativity in Our Lives

The whole reason for any experience in life, even negative ones, is to call forth a remembrance of who we really are… as an object of our infinite potential.   We are each created as… All That Is and All That Is Not.  

When we stop trying to control, move past, go beyond, cast out, go above, or run from the possibilities of “negative” experiences in our live(s) then there is no reason for them to control us anymore.  There is learning to be done from each dose of negativity in our lives; there is no age limitation either. 

In other words, the instant we realize and accept that everything in our life is equal, (both negative and positive experiences),  then we recognize that we cannot go beyond or move past negative situations. They are just part of our life!  (I have to work really hard at this.)   The negative situations are equal to us, since we are infinitely everything.  That’s huge to even consider.

Hence, we are accepting to just let go (or “Let Go; Let God,) and allow the idea that the possibility of a “negative” situation has the potential to happen at anytime! You can become perfectly content with that idea, since you soon realize that every negative situation is created, (even sometimes by ourselves), and allows us to grow!  It happens over and over.  Some of our biggest momentary negatives, we later look back on as “gifts” in our life.  We don’t see it initially, but down the road we suddenly get it!

Magicians often use mirrors to perform their illusions because mirrors reflect a clear image of life making the illusion seem very real; you are unaware of the mirror that the magician is using. When you are the “magician” in real life situations… then there is no illusion; you see the mirror and you can therefore use the mirror as a tool.

If reality is a mirror, then you must change yourself in order to see the change in the mirror. If you desire for your hair to change then you must comb or brush the hair on your head… in order to see the change in the mirror! More times than not, people will try to change what they see by changing the mirrored reflection.

A current saying is, “Be the change you want to see in the world. ” It’s possible that this simplistic thought is exactly what that quote means. When you take responsibility for all of your reality, then you give yourself the power to change anything within your reality. Cool, huh?

We can adopt this perspective into reality, by first looking around at everything we see and hear in our reality right now. Next, close your eyes. When you close your eyes in the moment, you are telling your mind to refresh your viewpoint. Now, open your eyes and look around you again, except this time see everything as if we are looking into a mirror. Everything you are now seeing or hearing is a reflection of the mirror within you.

Everything starts from within and is reflected outwardly. If we don’t like what we see… in any aspect of our life… the reality and negative situation is ours to alter.

I’m a believer!


Sometimes, we think we are making progress on a personal, professional, or social situation… only to suffer a setback. Although the events of the setback seem almost tragic at the time, they are merely bumps in the road to our “perfected self.” Afterall, we are only passing through Earth on our way to Eternity. This thought gives me the courage to plod on…following my own path.

Someone might intentionally be negative or hurtful to us. Maybe we are demoted at work or even lose employment. Sometimes, a loved one tells us that they no longer are “in love” with us…or even worse…have betrayed us with infidelity. And how often have we all had to actually hear things about ourselves that we knew to be false? How do we react; how do we deal? It is not always easy, but I suggest taking the higher road.

This does not mean that you don’t react at all… and just walk away without efforts to understand or correct the situation at the time. However, it must be done with Honor and with Integrity. Do not retaliate with nasty words or hasty deeds. I try to follow this practice, but know only too well how difficult it is. If one does retaliate by coming down on the same level as the attacker, it brings nothing if not more hurt. Ultimately, the opposer will forget the incident of injustice and you will carry the burden of guilt in how poorly you handled the test/challenge as it was presented to you by God.

What helps me with negative situations is to ask myself: “Is this the worst thing that has ever happened to me?” “When I’m done here with my time on Earth… how much will this test/challenge mean?” “Does this define who I am as a person?” Even the most heartfelt attempts to correct a wrong are not always successful. That makes me see things more clearly. Life isn’t meant to be easy.

LIFE is the Test!

With the advent of major athletes and recording and performing stars coming to the forefront over the recent years…about their own issues of abuse: physical, emotional, sexual…one can’t help but notice that life has some great “equalizers.”

You might be able to have fame and fortune…but then God tests you in another area or even several areas.   Life is not supposed to be easy; it was not designed that way.

Our Life’s individual ‘tests’ are given to strengthen and improve our inner core.  If we give in, the test, or tester, wins.  Staying in an abusive relationship  or not saying anything about it within a family allows the abuser to ‘win.’  That lowers our own self-esteem and increases their dysfunction.  When I look back over history on all the men/ women who have made a difference for humanity…it was filled with victories not easily won.  Rather, they were  battles faught with endless conviction.  We have that same ability. We are humans.

Ask someone for help or get it for another.  Do not take “no” for an answer.  The victory is there.