Positive Life Quotes have a way of being easy to digest and tend to make one feel good about themselves, but so often they are hard to practice and act upon in real life.  But, you can find some of the most powerful wisdom in these quotes and if applied to your own life there  can be real transformation

Here’s one I find particularly hard to follow, but useful.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” — Mark Twain”   I have been working on this thought for years.  I  sometimes “think” I know why I’m here on Earth, but then change my mind.  I’m a work in progress.

We all have bad days and deal with tough situations: at home, on the job… or just have  to endure the collision that human relationships can often become.

Not only are our situations common among people living today, but as humans, we’ve been dealing with the same issues since the beginning of human history!  Think on that; it’s powerful.  People who lived thousands of years ago were cheated on by their “significant other,” (for lack of any other title),  had “money” (asset)  problems, wanted to ascend in life, and often felt stuck, lost, or frustrated in a current situation.  Hmmm.

The Difficulties of LIFE is an inescapable truth.  It is, and what always has been, what ties together people from all countries, creeds, and socio-economic groups. The remedy for what ails us all… is the same, too.  As best you can, we must learn to find the gems of wisdom buried beneath the trials of life.

Easier said than done though, right?

Ego is the Enemy

Whenever we frame our problems as things being done to us, we fall prey to the trap our ego has set for us.  Your ego tells you your life is supposed to be better than it is right now.  It tells you your spouse was wrong and that they should apologize.  It tells you your boss is a jerk and the world is conspiring to keep your salary and your sanity as low as possible.

Your ego doesn’t want you to love what happens to you because when you learn to love what happens to you it’s harder to rationalize your situation.  See, there’s always something you can learn from every situation.

 It’s not easy to do at the moment. When you’re sad, mad, holding a grudge, frustrated, vengeful, prideful, or any mix of the destructive emotions that tend to come with the everyday grind, it’s hard to realize that they could be playing a positive role in our life.

But our LIFE can be a teacher, even if you don’t want to learn the lessons it gives you in the moment. Even pain can be a signal.  It all depends on the way you see what happens to you.

The Most Powerful Tool We Can Use to Deal With Problems

Each time you face a problem you go through the same familiar cycle of feelings and behaviors.  You don’t want to accept what’s happening. You run through the alternative scenarios of what could’ve or should’ve happened.

How do some people rise above circumstances ranging from frustrating to dismal? Here’s what I see.  First, accept what’s happening  fully. You can’t rewrite what has already happened.  BUT, If you ground yourself in the present moment, then you can move to the next step in the process.

What are you going through right now?   Can you change the way you’re perceiving the situation?  Try shifting your thoughts to something is being done to me  to … I can do something positive about this.  Cool!

Opportunities in LIFE

The only mistakes that do real harm are the ones  where we  fail to learn from them and then repeat again.  It happens.

Instead:  What can I learn from this?

Let’s say your employer fires you — a truly down moment in your life. What can you learn from that experience?

Maybe you’ll learn the position didn’t suit you. It didn’t align with your strengths, which made your termination inevitable.  Maybe it was a blessing you got fired because now you can spend time figuring out where your talents lie instead of wasting years of your life doing something you weren’t supposed to do in the first place.

Or let’s say you’ve been in a particularly nasty fight with your significant other.  Maybe you’ll learn to express your feelings before you reach a boiling point.  Maybe you’ll learn to keep your eyes open, be present, and pay attention to your relationship.

I know these are only words.  That’s the point.  LIFE isn’t easy!

The Power Inside 

Learning to love your life starts with… learning to love yourself.  How do you love yourself? By displaying character in life’s most difficult moments.

If people mistreat you, you can find peace in being the bigger person.  If life throws you a curveball, you can rest in the knowledge that you don’t have to allow it to change your character.

Some of the world’s most inspiring people faced challenges greater than you and I will ever face. What inspires me most is the character they displayed during those circumstances.  If these great people can keep their values intact during the most trying of times, surely we can remain positive people with integrity during our own trials/challenges.

LOVE YOUR LIFE, just as it has been given; grow and learn with each new challenge and test.  It is ours.

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