Procrastination Stinks!

It’s difficult to even think of one time, when procrastination has been beneficial in almost any context.

Honestly, I have been thinking on this intently for quite awhile. Does putting something off, regarding health, ever work out? Does carrying those extra twenty pounds, smoking for several additional years, or ignoring that small lump or skin discoloration…really get better over time? How about things in our personal life? Does it make sense to “wait” before intervening in our children’s bad behavior? If one waits long enough to discipline a child when they are young…they are neither able to understand rules later on nor able to grasp that bad decision making has negative consequences…when they are teens. Or, if we are aware that our “significant” other is being unfaithful or is struggling in some other moral area…does it miraculously go away because we pretend we don’t see it or know of its existence? No. Similarly, has it ever worked to our advantage when we are unhappy in a situation be it at home, school, or on the job…and have not spoken up, that it has actually turned around all on its own in our favor? When does that happen? As annoying as those cliches and phrases are, you know: “The early bird catches the worm,” “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you could be doing, today,” etc. etc. they are so true. They particularly apply to the negative things, I think.
So…here’s to speaking up and making changes, accepting personal responsibility for actions either given or received that need to be altered, and beginning, at least, to make changes in all the negatives in our lives.

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