New Year; new choices, new attitudes!

The reason everyone is wished a “Happy” New Year is quite special.  It is because we hopefully  grasp the simplicity of the concept that in the new year, as opposed to the old one, we can all literally wipe our lives clean of all the negatives…  and start fresh. The new year can be one of personal change and growth. How amazing is that?

The wonderful thing about being human is that all of us have the power of “choice.” This applies to everything in our lives, basically from the moment we enter adulthood. Before that time we live under the dictates of adult “supervision.”    To hold another accountable for either the good and/or bad in our own lives is ridiculous.  It is also disrespectful to our Creator.  In my writings over the past two decades, I have never professed to have all the answers, but I do have a great deal of human interaction, experience, and an academic background that speaks for itself.

I share my own insight and path in hopes that it helps  others too. It has by the huge amounts of positive feedback I get at lectures, in person, and via email.  However, we all have the right to CHOOSE our own path. I have never had all the answers and never will.

Think of it!  We can choose how we live our lives and be in full control of the decisions we make each and every day.  Each sunrise we are offered a brand new opportunity to start over with our choices. Each new year, we also get to start over!   No one can make us stop being in another’s life; there must be a reason(s) and it is based on personal choice. No one can force us to eat or drink too much unless we want to; it’s our choice.  No one can make us good, productive people. It is also, our choice.

Likewise, no one can make us whole, happy, and a contributor to the lives of others.  We must find that path ourselves. With this gift of CHOICE comes great responsibility. It is true…no one knows what goes on in another’s life.  That goes in both directions. May we all choose the higher ground for this clean, unblemished  year.

Happy New Year!  May we all live it well.


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