Charities Who Send Unsolicited “Gifts!”

O.K…I am just going to put it out there because it’s really beginning to bother me not to mention it makes absolutely no sense!  (It also is giving away lots of cents too.)  It’s the dumbest marketing scheme of all time.


In fact it’s gotten so ridiculous that I am hoping that someone of authority in this venue will read this and vow to make it illegal.  There are people worldwide and nationally in need of real financial help. Yet, each week I receive numerous envelopes with  “free”gifts and monies.  Why are these organizations, soliciting for contributions,  sending us money taped to their request?  Let’s say there is a nickel sent to 5 million people.  A nickel in itself isn’t very much, but multiply it by the number mentioned.  Wouldn’t all that money be better put to use within the charities that are asking for our help?  I ask this rhetorically of course.  And, as many are non-profit groups they are treated to free postage.  Hmmm… sending our money, that we have just sent them ( in the form of a check or credit card payment) to other people… for free.  Really?  That’s biting the hand that feeds.

Also, I don’t want to send a contribution to an organization I really believe in and have them send me a gift in return; that uses up some of the donation in a counterproductive way.  I realize the concept is that we will be “guilted” into giving yet another immediate donation.  However, I am quite sure… just as many just accept the ” gift” as send out an additional  monies to that particular organization.

So, here’s an idea.  Keep a dish designated for coins in a convenient location.  Each time you receive an envelope with money, put it in the dish.  At the end of the month, match the coins… no matter how small the amout and contribute to church, schools, Scouts, or your own causes of choice.  And the free gifts?  Give them to Good Will, your church, or cross out your mailing address and return to sender.  And if you believe you are getting something in return for your generosity… remember the age old adage… Nothing is for free.  Your generous contributions pay for it all!

Hey, DATELINE, 60 MINUTES et. al. …. there’s a good story here. You’re welcome.

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